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HeArt of Noise

Sylva Šafková / 420PEOPLE

Friday 3. 11. 2023
70 minutes
Large auditorium

Tickets available via Archa Theatre and GoOut.cz

The latest dance performance by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE, choreographed by Sylva Šafková, introduces a modern take on futurism in movement, music and set design. 

As the name suggests, the dance performance HeArt of Noise is inspired by noise. People tend to perceive noise negatively as something disturbing. However, such a negative connotation may not always be appropriate. For example, English uses the same term for “noise” and “sound”. Thus, it may be possible to say that the performance was inspired not by noise but by sound - as a counterpart to the music. The noise, of course, is not random but composed. Conceptually, the performance follows the Futurists’ manifesto “Art of Noise” (L’arte dei Rumori) written by Lugi Russolo, who saw noise primarily as a new way of experiencing sound, not bound by the limited range of sounds of traditional musical instruments. Sylva Šafková has invited the sound magician T. Reindl & OMNION to collaborate on this project. They will create their version of stage noise in its diverse forms on stage, using recordings and live music. Marek Cpin’s choreography for the 420PEOPLE dancers will be enhanced by industrial sounds, strikes on water, human body sounds, voices and heartbeats. The audience will enjoy the best dancers, a water surface directly on the stage and the live sound of the Futurists’ iconic instrument, the intonarumori. 


Choreography: Sylva Šafková 

Text: Jiří Šafka 

Performers: Francesca Amante, Florian Garcia, Simona Machovičová, Filip Staněk, Michal Toman & Tomáš Reindl & OMNION 

Music: Tomáš Reindl & OMNION 

Set & Costume Design: Marek Cpin 

Lighting Design: Martin Špetlík 

Production: Anna Borovská, Aneta Jochim, Marta Lajnerová 

Graphic Design: Mikuláš Macháček 

Photography: Pavel Hejný 

Video: Tomáš Vlček 

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Municipal District of Prague 1, the City of Prague, and Studio Maiselovka. 




Městská část Praha 1 podporuje celoroční činnost Divadla Archa.

Městská část Praha 1 podporuje celoroční činnost Divadla Archa.

Ministerstvo kultury ČR

Ministerstvo kultury ČR

Hlavní město Praha

Hlavní město Praha

420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise 420PEOPLE: HeArt of Noise HeArt of Noise

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