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As of January 2024, the Archa Theatre has been transformed into ARCHA+, a multifunctional cultural space open to collaboration with many partners and its own work for the upcoming generation.

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Ondřej Hrab and Jana Svobodová continue their creative activity in the newly founded organization Archa - Centre of Documentary Theatre, z.ú.

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The Archa Theatre responses to the current social situation. Documentary theatre with a powerful inner story. A drama of everyday life portrayed by real residents of the small East Bohemian town of Kostelec nad Orlicí and a pair of Belarussian refugees who lived in the local refugee camp. The production reflects the problems of our world against the backdrop of a small Czech town. The title of the performance is based on a common Czech children’s game called "vadí–nevadí".

In the small East Bohemian town of Kostelec nad Orlici three communities live side by side: long-time ethnic Czech residents, Roma, and foreigners in the local refugee camp. A team from the Archa Theatre together with representatives of all these groups created a moving theatrical depiction of life in a regular town. The production of was created over more than a year. The authors of the concept, Jana Svobodova and Philipp Schenker, together with musician Jan Burian and video artist Jaroslav Hrdlička, set up a tent in the main square of Kostelec nad Orlici and called it the Newsstand. This was a place where anyone who passed by could trade their story for someone else’s or for a cup of coffee, a cigarette or a small item. Right in the centre of the town drawings, comics and short animated films were created. In the production of Kostelec shifts to the stage of the Archa Theatre. The small town and the real stories of its inhabitants become a metaphor for all of our lives.

From the Press

On the stage of Archa even the most ordinary local story from the town of Kostelec transforms into a unique aspect of human destiny. A bus ride to school and emigration to an unknown country. Sometimes it really pulls at your heartstrings.
Marie Reslová, theatre publicist


Director: Jana Svobodova
Dramaturgy: Lonneke van Heugten, Ondřej Hrab
Concept, staging: Jana Svobodova, Philipp Schenker
Music: Michael Romanyshyn, Jan Burian
Video: Jaroslav Hrdlička
Light design: Pavel Kotlik
Production: Lucie Špačkova
Dramaturgical assistance: Anna Lengyel
Musical assistance: Ted van Leeuwen
Performers: Pavlina Haluškova, Hana Charvatova, Richard Janša, Vojtěch Rejchrt, Bara Koniřova, Tomaš Jovnaš, Maruška Haluškova, Nikola Čonkova, Kevin Bundal, Hanna Sharypa, Yauhen Sumouski, Philipp Schenker, Jan Burian, Jaroslav Hrdlička.
Allstar Refjudži Band: Adrian Ševeček, Philippe Leforestier, Lukaš Mičko, Kryštof Verner

The project was created in cooperation with the Guth-Jarkovsky Elementary School in Kostelec nad Orlici and with the support of the town of Kostelec nad Orlici.

Premiere: 11–12 February, 2014

Finale: 1 June, 2016


AKCENT Festival – November 2014
Plzeň 2015 – European Capital of Culture — 2014
Malá inventura / Festival of new theatre – February 2015
Prague Quadrennial of performance space and design – June 2015
HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts /Germany/ – September 2015
fjúžn festival /Slovakia/ – April 2016

With the support of the CULTURE programme of the European Union.

Theatron EU Culture



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